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How Much Corn Is In An Ear

An ear contains corn in the range of about 1 cup to 1.5 cups depending upon the corn size and variety. An average-sized cob may contain about ¾ cup of corn. This means if your recipe needs one cup of corn, you will require a full ear of corn.

How Many Ears of Corn Do You Need For 1 Cup Corn Kernels is approximately 1 & 3rds ear. If your recipe calls for 2 ears of corn, now you can know with certainty that means approximately 1.5 cups of corn kernels.

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You can just times 1 1/2 cups of corn by 3, giving you a total of 4 1/2 cups of corn. Two ears of corn will yield you 1 1/2 cups of kernels, which is, in turn, the same amount as a single can (15 ounces/400 grams) of corn. The exact number of cups per can of corn will vary depending on your can size. Now, one standard tin of canned corn, measuring about 15 ounces, will hold 1 1/2 cups of corn.

The largest regular can that you will be able to find (which is commonly used in food service) will contain about 11 1/4 cups of corn. Each ear of corn will produce about 1/2 cup of kernels, so you will need an ear of corn per person for a serving. Digging around a little, I found one blog claiming a medium ear of corn yields on average 3/4 cup of kernels.

More often than not, our medium ears yield 3/4 cups of kernels after being cut off the cob. While corn kernel yields obviously will vary depending on cob size, it was surprising to see the heavy range from 1/2 to 3/4 cup results in our medium-sized corn cobs. A single corn cob contains 1 cup to 1/2 cup corn depending on the corn variety and the size. An ear of corn weighs 10-20 ounces, 280-560 grams, and contains about 100 kernels.

Cup of CornEar
1 Cup 1 & 3rds ear
1.5 Cups 2 ears

Once an ear of corn has matured, kernels are cut from the cob and stored in jars. Field corn is harvested once the plants mature and the ears are firm. Sweet corn is a type of corn which is harvested when the ears are yellow in color and have dried out their silk. Corn is ready for harvesting when the ears are turning a darker shade green, and when the silk, or husk, is brown and dry.

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The dimensions of what will be a harvestable ear start at about the same time that a corn plant has reached about knee height, and they are completed about 10 to 14 days before silk appears. Each silk will carry pollen to one location on a developing ear of corn, making possible development of that location to the corns kernel.

Then, when an ear of corn has finally reached the ideal maturity, the best ears are sold as whole, fresh corn on the cob, while less-than-ideal ears are converted to a variety of corn products, including canned corn or corn meal. This variety is harvested in milky phase, and it has to be eaten either fresh on the cob, or canned or frozen in order to retain its freshness, otherwise, corn will lose sweetness and become hard. Considered is that sweet corn takes valuable space — lots of space — in a garden and produces just one ear per plant.

Sweet corn can produce two, or sometimes three ears per plant, as the spacing is wider and the competition is lower. The varieties of corn farmers use today were selected and bred to be highly dense, meaning that they can tolerate a large population, typically producing just one ear per plant. Sometimes farmers may be increasing corn plants populations, but they are actually decreasing ear count.

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Different varieties of corn plants will develop a variety of ears, but most of the field corn grown in Iowa is engineered to grow only a single, big ear, instead of multiple, partial ears. Millennia of breeding, first done by Native Americans, then early Pilgrims, and later scientists, has produced large, complete ears of corn. If the corn is planted in 30 inch rows, then calculate the total number of ears on the three different strips 100 feet apart, then divide it by two, giving the rough bushel number per acre. For 16-row ears, a single kernel per row is equivalent to approximately five bushels per acre (for medium plantings).

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To figure out yield per ear, divide the corns weight in ears by its mass in pounds, 454 grams. For example, if you weighed 10 ears of corn, each of which is 2 pounds, 907 grams, then yield per ear is 20%. Since we cannot realistically measure the tens of thousands of ears of corn per acre, we use the Yield Component Method to extrapolate the yield estimate from a much smaller area. With the Yield Component Method, I measured out 17.4 feet of a row of corn. You can also use our converter tool below to get any customised measurements you want on How Many Corn Ears In A….

Now that you know how much corn is per ear, hopefully that takes away some guesswork when trying to replace fresh corn with frozen corn in your favorite recipes.

How much corn per person you will need to plant, of course, will depend on how often you want to eat corn. Each stalk produces 2 ears of corn, so one plant would provide food for a single person for 2 days, working from the premise that you want to eat corn every day, in some form.

If you planted many stalks of sweet corn, you might start picking early and using these as baby corn, leaving others to grow to full size for eating like normal corn. Even if plants are physically mature, farmers may choose to wait to harvest until corn kernels are more dried out, allowing corn to last longer.

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Baby Sweet Corn is a sweet corn hybrid that produces a lot of ears per stalk. Field corn has a hard shell that can be either white or yellow. Field corn is also called thorn corn, and has two types, called thorns and flints. Flint corn is the kind of corn which contains higher iron concentrations compared to the other types of corn.

If the farmer is growing corn for its stalks and leaves (the stalk-and-leaf material) for feeding livestock in shredded silage, there is no need to grow large ears. In cattle feeding, one bushel of corn yields approximately eight pounds of beef, 15.6 pounds of pork, or 21.6 pounds of chicken. One bushel of corn produces approximately 742 pounds, or 340 kilograms, of shelled corn. An 8-inch corn ear contains approximately 0.50 pounds equivalent in corn kernels in the shell; thus, 112 8-inch ears will make a bushel (1 bushel = 56 pounds).

How do you calculate corn yield by ear?

To estimate the yield in bushels per acre, multiply the average number of rows per ear by the number of kernels per row by the number of ears in a thousandth of an acre and divide by 90. For instance: 240 bushels per acre are equal to 16 rows by 40 kernels and 32 ears, or 21,504 kernels in a thousandth of an acre.

What is whole corn called?

Whole corn that is consumed on the cob is regarded as a vegetable. The source of popcorn, the maize kernel, is regarded as a grain. This type of maize is a “whole” grain, to be exact. Many grains, like popcorn, are regarded as fruits, which adds a bit of additional complexity to the situation.

What is a full ear of corn?

The spiky portion of the corn plant that has kernels is called the ear. The kernels are those tasty little yellow morsels that we enjoy munching on in the summer. A husk covers each ear of corn. Before enjoying this summer pleasure, we peel down the husk, which is the green, leafy coating.

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